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Private Cloud Provider

The way that service providers’ customers – and their end users – consume IT services continues to evolve. As a result, many service providers are seeing sales of their core, legacy voice services beginning to wane. They need to offer a richer, more advanced set of services and target new customer verticals if they’re to remain profitable.

Dimension Data offers Provider Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS) to cater for the specific needs and challenges of our telecommunications clients. The Provider CaaS enables these organisations to offer a branded public or private cloud service. The service can be customised with an organisation’s own brand and deployed in a Dimension Data or client data centre.

Key features include:

  • Fully managed cloud service to assist the provider to establish a service in the market
  • Full white label capability to support provider client branding
  • Supports self-service provisioning and management
  • Technical operations performed centrally by Dimension Data – 24x7
  • Monthly subscription plan, three year term contract

Learn more about our OneCloud Partner Programme to assist our partners in getting the most out of our Provider CaaS offering.

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