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Cloud Readiness Workshop (1/2 day)

Our Cloud Readiness Workshop is a half day engagement in which we work together with you to develop a detailed 12-24 month cloud roadmap. Using our established framework, we assess the readiness of your business across 12 attributes, while identifying the gaps between the current cloud-related state of your business and where you envision it in the future. We help you to identify the applications that are best suited to develop a phased plan for your cloud migration.

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The primary goals of the workshop are to:

  • Evaluate the organisation's level of cloud readiness across four cloud readiness dimensions and twelve cloud readiness attributes, investigating key aspects of the business' people, processes and technology
  • Identify gaps between the business' current state and desired state with respect to cloud readiness. We provide recommendations and best practices to close these gaps and ensure that the client prepared to move application workloads to the cloud
  • Identify applications that are the best initial candidates for a move to the cloud and identify a high-level, phased plan for applications that have been targeted for migration to the cloud
  • Develop a high-level 12-24 month cloud roadmap to close all cloud readiness gaps and prepare for the migration of initial workloads.

Engagement process

Our Cloud Readiness Workshop is delivered using three components of Dimension Data's consulting methodology - initiate, discover and construct:
  • Workshop initiation: As a first step, we schedule a one-hour initiation call with representatives from the client's business. During this discussion, we'll review the workshop agenda, goals, and deliverables and agree on a list of attendees.
  • Workshop discovery: Drawing on a comprehensive and targeted list of ITIL-based questions, our consultants assess the business in terms of four critical dimensions of cloud computing - business alignment, organisation, infrastructure, and applications and workloads. Each dimension consists of four to six key attributes (indicators for readiness), with the assessment being performed at both the dimension and attribute levels.

Workshop deliverables

The deliverables of the workshop include an executive presentation and written report that identify:
  • Key findings and recommendations for each dimension and associated attributes
  • Charts depicting the cloud readiness of the business, from a dimension and attribute level. Cloud readiness will be defined as either basic, moderate, advanced or optimised
  • Tables that provide a description of the level of cloud readiness for each attribute
  • A spider chart, that compares the 'as-is' state to the 'to-be' state
  • A high-level roadmap that identifies key activities for the next 12-24 months.
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