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Cloud Readiness Assessment (2 weeks)

Addressing the same general areas of the Cloud Readiness Workshop, the Cloud Readiness Assessment is a more comprehensive review of your business. A thorough review of your organisation, operations, and technology, this assessment is carried out over a period of approximately two weeks and focuses on evolving your business to a point where you are ready to move a significant portion of your IT environment to the cloud.

During the assessment, our team will work with clients to:

  • Examine your current business and IT strategy
  • Undertake a detailed financial analysis, using our cloud 'total cost of ownership' tool
  • Develop a detailed roadmap and initial business case to support your journey to the cloud

We offer the following cloud enablement and integration services:

Total Cost of Ownership Tool

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is an important consideration for many organisations when deciding on cloud services. Comparative analysis of TCO can help organisations decide whether to move forward with a cloud project – Private, Hosted Private or Public, or further expand their current in-house, on-premise IT infrastructure. A careful TCO analysis can also help organisations to justify their proposed cloud project to secure funding, and resources.

Our Cloud TCO tool, maps and compares the TCO of hosting new or existing workloads in-house versus in the cloud, thus helping organisations to better plan their cloud journeys with confidence, knowing that they are making informed decisions on cloud enablement projects. The output from the tool will provide clients with a clear breakdown of TCO over three years.

Cloud Readiness Consulting Services

Our Cloud Readiness Consulting Services comprise a suite of structured engagements which allows clients to:
  • Refine their vision for the cloud
  • Qualify their cloud-related needs and requirements
  • Identify a high-level roadmap and preliminary set of actions with which to move forward.

Through our Cloud Readiness Consulting Services, we work with clients to review their operations across four critical dimensions of cloud computing – business alignment, organisation, infrastructure and applications. We enable them to pinpoint any gaps that exist between the current 'as is' state and the desired 'to be' state; and set out a preliminary cloud roadmap that identifies key next steps, based on the business’ specific requirements.

Dimension Data’s Cloud Readiness Workshop will enable clients to:

  • Respond proactively to executive pressure to put a cloud strategy in place
  • Avoid any development and implementation delays, which may impact time-to-market for new services
  • Meet the business’ need for cloud services with a flat or shrinking budget
  • Gain clarity as to which applications to move to the cloud
  • Define and prioritise which areas of their infrastructure to move to the cloud
  • Ensure that all existing processes and procedures are aligned to the cloud
  • Reduce the likelihood of the development of a cloud strategy causing delays on other important projects
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