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Cloud automation gives you the agility to maximise the power of the cloud. Both our public and private cloud services include a user-friendly REST-based API that lets you easily automate and control your own virtual server, storage, and network environment.

With our REST-based API, you are able to:
  • Provision and de-provision Cloud Servers with Windows or Linux operating systems
  • Customise CPU, RAM, or storage quantities on each Cloud Server
  • Import and export images in the Open Virtualisation Format (OVF)
  • Move images between Managed Cloud Platform (MCP) locations
  • Fully manage server capabilities that include: start, stop, delete, adding storage, or changing CPU/RAM
  • Clone a server to create a virtual copy
  • Provision VLANs, ACL-based firewalls, NAT, and load balancing to ease the building of multi-tier applications
  • Administer multiple users, role-based permissions, reporting, and billing


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